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The E-Commerce Solution For the Masses

WordPress - it's the website management tool for the rest of us.  It's free and it does so many things so well!


But, with all the great things that WordPress does, one thing that isn't built into WordPress is the ability to manage and sell products over the internet.  There's nothing to:

  • define and manage products
  • manage a shopping cart
  • collect and record customer information (including shipping address)
  • request and accept payments
  • track orders
  • deliver yet protect digital content

or any of the other things an internet business needs to do.


Which is the reason for wCart.


wCart installs like any other WordPress plugin... just upload and activate.  wCarts Option Page is just that ONE PAGE that lets you define how your store behaves.



Watch the video below to see how easy it is to set up





wCart also makes selling physical products (books, CDs, etc.) very easy.  wCart takes over collecting your customer's shipping information (name, address, etc.), calculating the shipping costs for an order, and notifying you of items that need to be shipped.  All you have to do is drop the item in the mail.



Here's a list of wCart features




Easy Setup

- No programming skills required

- Easy WordPress installation

- User-friendly web-interface. Easy to administer

Stores data in the WP database
- Reduces re-keying

- Global website changes are a cinch!

- Use WordPress backup utilities to protect your data

Mix physical and digital products

Customers can view their personal order history

Password reminder for customers through email

Customizable auto-generated e-mail notifications

View individual orders w/shipping detail

Secure downloads with encrypted, expiring links

Customizable "Thank You" and Download pages

Re-send Thank You (Confirmation) emails

Re-activate expired Download pages

Easily handle physical products (that require shipping)

Built-in shipping and sales tax calculations

"Clear cart" option provided

Customers can edit their own profiles

On-Screen Cart Listing

Automatically generated "Add to Cart" buttons

Fully integrated into PayPal

- Product (price, quantity, part number, etc.)
- Taxes, and shipping
- Displayed on PayPal Invoice (and Customer Receipt)

Uses PayPal's IPN for the highest security and integrity

Export order data to Excel supported format

Works along with Digital Product Demon

- Adds: Order History

- Adds: Resend ThankYou (Confirmation) Emails

- Adds: Re-activate Download Page

Gives your digital product buyers the option to choose either a quick, "Buy Now" transaction or a more leisurely, multiple purchase, "Add to Cart" transaction.

And... with the add-on Zone Shipping module:

Calculate shipping charges by weight & destination

Handling fees by product and for the entire order

Easily support international shipments

Define shipping rates by country

Fine tune calculations using postal codes

Unlimited number of destination "zones"

Up to 8 weight/rate ranges per zone



Also, you can use Cart Widget to display on your page: Watch the video below



"But, I only sell digital products.  Why do I need a shopping cart?"

Simple.  Because a shopping cart will put more money in your pocket.  A shopping cart transforms your customers from hunters into gatherers - and gatherers buy more  stuff!


Digital products are great to sell.  No inventory, no shipping, customers can buy them quickly and access them almost immediately.  You can sell digital products with just a PayPal "Buy Now" button, but your sales will skyrocket once you step your game up to a shopping cart.


Consumer science has proven that "Add to Cart" buttons will  increase conversions as much as 200% over "Click Here" or "Buy Now" buttons!  That's why on many sites you see "Add to Cart" buttons that don't add anything to a cart.  They're for single product sales -  behaving like "buy now" buttons but looking like "Add to Cart" buttons to attract the consumer's attention.


Consumer science has also proven that once a buyer has decided to purchase and clicks on a "buy now" or "add to cart" button, they move into a heightened buying mode and remain in that state until the transaction is complete.  With a "Buy Now" button, you get one shot while the customer is in that "buying trance".  Once the purchase is complete, they're back to "normal" and it tough to sell them all over again.  They were "hunting" for a solution.  They found it, shot it, and now they're headed back to the cook pots.


But with a shopping cart, once the customer has added the first item to the cart, they move into that "gathering mode" and are likely to look for something else to put into their cart.  After all, why spend a day out in the forest just to come home with a berry or two.  Your customers will want to fill up their shopping carts - right up to the "rim" of their budget - before heading back to their "huts".  So, instead of buying just one of your products they'll end up with 2, 3, 4 or more!



Wcart also use Standard Wordpress Salespage...



This isn't wishful thinking... it's human nature.  And, the bottom line is...


If You Don't Have wCart on Your Website
You're Losing Sales...

... and Losing Money!



Obviously, wCart isn't the first or the only WordPress shopping cart plugin available.


Shopping cart plugins run the gamut from simple ones that only create "Add to Cart" buttons from text you key in to enormously complex ones with scores of setup options and features most of us never use.


wCart sits smack in the middle - with plenty of functionality but minimal setup and maintenance.


You'll have your store up and running in 15 minutes because all of the hard stuff (shopping cart management, customer management, emails, thank you, and download pages, etc.) is handled AUTOMAGICALLY by wCart!




So, why would I want wCart when there are more sophisticated shopping carts that let me create unlimited products and categories?

Because the other shopping carts are simply storefront products that run under WordPress while wCart "adds a shopping cart and payment processing" to WordPress".


Here's what I mean...


Most of the sophisticated shopping carts OVERRIDE WordPress' structure - implementing their own way of displaying products and product information.  Usually, you get a picture, a little verbiage, and some pricing/shipping information.


Now, go visit the most successful online retailer in the world -  Pick any product and what do you see?  INFORMATION!!  Pages and pages of information, pictures, recommendations, statistics, complementary products, alternative products, and on and on.


Will wCart let you build a site like No.  But WordPress is designed to deliver information - and you can configure your WordPress site to deliver information to your customers and prospective customers much the same way does.


For instance, on your WordPress sales pages you can have:

  • Pictures
  • Video (product descriptions and/or recommendations)
  • User Recommendations (WordPress user comments)
  • Complementary or Alternative Products (WordPress Related Posts)
  • Recently added products (WordPress Recent Posts)
  • Product Categories and Groups (WordPress Categories and Tags)
  • and so many more that there's not room enough to list them all!

Watch this video below to see how to use Wcart:





You'll do a much better job of selling when you can provide that kind of information to your customers - instead of just a picture and a measly paragraph or two of description.


Plus you'll have customized your site's look and feel (WordPress themes) to create a unique, attractive, and search engine-friendly site that will bring in customers like crazy.


wCart doesn't try to override WordPress' ability to deliver information.  wCart lets you use WordPress to do what it's best at and simply adds shopping cart and payment processing functions to an already fantastic foundation.


It's the power of WordPress... and the beauty of wCart.



You can have all of this on your site
for the remarkable price of only





Limited Time Special.... $27


30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with this Script,
just drop me a message, I will refund your money - no questions asked.


To Your Success,

Ken Sar



PS. Here are a few questions and answers



Do you have a demo for me to see?

Currently no. But we plan to have it up for you to see it soon.



What is the different between Digital Product Demon and this shopping cart plugin?

Digital Product Demon is for a single sales of a product. Where the shopping cart plugin is a full featured shopping cart that let customer buy several products from you.



Is this an upgrade version to digital product demon?

Yes and NO. If you sell multiple items, then you might consider purchase this plugin as an upgrade. But if you only selling singly product, then you don't need this plugin.



I bought Digital Product Demon plugin from you, so how much you charge me as an upgrade?

If you bought Digital Product Demon from my website here, you can contact me at my help desk for a special upgrade price.



What if I don't buy the Digital Product Demon Plugin from you?

Sorry, you will have to pay full price.


Do you offer Master Resale Right to this plugin?

Yes, It is presented OTO. 






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